You don't have to understand

that's what they said.

Just believe, have faith,

don't doubt the things that God has planned

             That's what they said.


You are blessed,

faith is a gift

given to a chosen few,

it's up to you to make the best of it

             That's what they said.


Humility is good

as are obedience and servitude,

don't look for reasons

or question God,

maintain a lowly attitude.

            Thats what they said.


Women are born to suffer,

that's your callling,

replenishing good breeding stock

what could be more rewarding?

God demands your body

your heart and mind are His.

Youl'll be rewarded for your labours

when your dead.

            Thats what they said. 








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Thu 14th Feb 2019 10:50

Hi Dorothy,

Non offence taken. I have nothing but respect for you and your choices! Faith, or lack of it, can be a very deeply personal subject. I understand that. It is good that we are able to talk about it, respecting each other.

Thank you

Anya 😘

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Dorothy Webb

Thu 14th Feb 2019 10:07

Thank you to Douglas, David and Dominic for reading and commenting on my poem.

Anya thank you also for reading and commenting. I hope my poem did not give offence, that was never my intention. Indeed If it offended any readers I am sorry.

It is a rail against the attitude of the Faith that I was born into and educated by (or not)

When I left school as a 'grown up' at fifteen i exercised my right to choose.

Thank you also to Jon and Jason for their likes.

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Dominic James

Thu 14th Feb 2019 08:55

I like the clockwork quality of the instruction drilling in, I think this poem covers the ground it has to, neither too lightly nor too heavily, compelling.

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Wed 13th Feb 2019 21:28

Hi Dorothy,

How are you? Hope you are ok. I find this piece of writing interesting as it presents questions, which we often ask on the road of growth in faith. I am a person of faith, walked on some dark alleys too...

Thank you for sharing

Anya 😘

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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 13th Feb 2019 20:56

Very much like this Dorothy.

How strange that I was in a supermarket today when I saw on the noticeboard a poster from a local Church, it was advertising a debate about Christianity and specifically Jesus empowering women. I nearly laughed out loud, well it was either that or scream.

I just couldn't get the image of Mary washing Christ's feet and drying them with her hair, I mean these women really need to be kept in thier place, don't they?

I am always very interested to see how religion (specifically Christianity) reinvents itself to ensure it can draw on trends and the changing world. As far as I know Jesus hasn't returned to update the scripture surely any revision can only be that of men and mere interpretation with a little manipulation, well it's beyond me. God must move in mysterious ways I guess.

Good stuff Dorothy,


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Douglas MacGowan

Wed 13th Feb 2019 20:39

Good capture of the sense of questioning the whole idea of the divine. I am sort of stuck in the same situation, so I can feel for what is going on with this poem.

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