Whispering wisdom!!!

When tired, the words just can't be heard

The heart is faint to internal chaos

Events of the day suddenly pulled away

As darkness envelopes the uneasy air


The words just don't find an easy flow

When in hours of emptiness you rock on chair

Tick tock the clock goes round and round

Repeating the same time day after day


Hours are like flickering hope of a dying man

Who anticipated his last days to breathe

Gathered around his friends and family

In haste made a will, leading to his dismissal


Warmth of the brazen sun in early hours of the day

Gives way to the most inevitable happenings to sway

Holding a hand and walking through the troubles

The times of hardships are finally tested with pride


If lessons of life are learnt in a hard way

It teaches man the power to rule dismay

The epochs are indellible proofs over the earth

With imprints of days when origin was birth


The sadness as marks on old wrinkled face

The burdens of life carried on hunched back

Now loneliness prevails where once laughter swayed

The womb that bore its very own flesh, discarded atlast with happiness


Eager eyes counting the marked days on calendar

Doubts arise when days repeat year after year

Nothing changes for the weak and elderly ones

Apperances are ghostly of their loved ones


The dreams that were once a motivation strong

Achievements were medals and crystal cups

Now only hang on walls as trophies of hazy past

Generation new has lost its path as society bends before destructive powers


Best of life is yet to arrive who honestly strive

Standing tall with head held high in slippery times

Just before the hour arrives and the clock does strike

Let us disembark the ship of cowardice and wickedness

◄ If a hug could fly!!

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keith jeffries

Wed 13th Feb 2019 17:24


This is a well constructed poem about anticipating death and the thoughts preceeding it. Old age entertains such thoughts, as I well know, but you have articulated these musings very well indeed. Thank you for this.


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