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You know it well that feeling,

hating that you’re leaving.

You’ve GOT to go.


First your inhaled breath teases your lungs, not to be regained

till an ever so minute enlightened spark enflames

your tingling nerves endings.

The ach is unbearable as jealous hands squeeze tight your heart

They the same killers and spillers of poison from cupids dart.

The poison effective, your mouth now dry your tears begin to swell

“Come on run., run. Get out of this hell!”

Torn in two,

Your heart drips its painted red soul to you

Down breast and stomach and loins and leg

to smudge furtively in a hugging puddle round your feet

as sly knowing eyes watch you crumple in a heap.

Your bosom now fully erect and bled

You feel naked as you turned on your heels and fled.

No words no pictures to lighten the mind

None come from them in the column of kind.


Don’t lie on the floor and cry

as the onlookers laugh their final goodbye

Scoop up your soul and drink it in, whisper your sweet breath

Don’t let the ringers bell partner you with death.

Stroke your hair, your cheek and your thigh listen as you gladly sigh.

Curl up small just for tonight as butterflies dawn is now in sight.


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