My Favorite Chapter

We crashed into each other,

Out of nowhere, & without warning,

6 months later and here we are,

It almost feels like I’m mourning.


Let’s go back to when it started,

Let’s remember the thrill we felt.

Nobody can take that from us,

You’ll always make my heart melt.


Our mind and souls so compatible,

In another world we were meant to be.

So exciting, full of so much fun,

You smiled and that was it for me.


We started this with a deal,

One I could help but break,

You’re just so amazing; perfectly imperfect,

My feelings for you I couldn’t fake.


I will always cherish our memories,

Sometimes with tears, but mostly with a smile,

Our “secret” paths crossed for a reason,

Even if it was just for a little while.


I’ve never felt quite this way

Never been so hesitant of a goodbye,

I feel like I’m losing you for good,

And I can’t handle that no matter how hard I try.


I used to think if I let someone go,

It meant I no longer loved or cared,

But that’ll never be true for you,

I’ll always love you and the time we shared.


We can go silent for a while, give each other time,

But when we talk again we can’t help but fall into our “secret norm”

The “spark” we have is obviously still real,

Pretending it’s not is impossible, like trying to fight against a storm.


But regardless of it all, I just want you to be happy,

No matter how that makes me feel.

I’ll be okay, I promise,

After all, you said “with time we’ll both heal.”


I’ll take just your friendship now,

You promised me for that you’d stay.

I'll stay silent and I’ll go down with our secret,

In my heart I know it’s best that way.


J, I will always love you,

No matter how distant we fall.

You’ll forever be my favorite chapter

& I’ll hold onto all the memories, big and small.


◄ Your love is like a thief

Unconditional love ►


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