If words could find some space!!!

I wish to inscribe my whitered notions

Trying to weave the words in flying emotions

Like kite it fly high and always entangled

The thoughts are verily criss crossed


The web of anxiousness and anxiety

Overtook the sleeping little beauty

Like a spider the words crawled

Through streams of dreams into reality flawed


Feelings are all jumbled up in a notch

As i pull each thread to open the knot

Slowly to stitch in time silk cloth

An adornment worn shining like star north


If you can catch the muse thats flowing

Brushing through the waves and blowing

Symphony and music interwoven dramatically

Creating effect, astounding readers notoriously


I wish to pen down the gushing views

From the depths of the heart laden tears

To shed through eyes known and loving

Bemoaning separation painfully enduring



Haiku (feel of seasons) ►



Tue 12th Feb 2019 14:12

hey Po, your constant support has changed my thoughts and enriched my feelings. your motivation is enough to get my feelings going. i am up to giving my best, trying to come up to the expectations. trying my hands on other styles and also story writing n lyrics etc etc...time will unfold where i will finally reach.

thank you and yes always be here.


Tue 12th Feb 2019 11:46

Do I feel so proud for you. You have grown so much in your writing styles and skills since I first stared reading your work.

I wonder at times if people realise how hard it must be to write in a language that is not your own. Emotions such as these you portray here are difficult to display in a poem with such depth when it is written in your own language let alone a second or as in some people here third.

I struggle at times to find the right words to portray in poetry the emotions I am trying convey. I only know English and struggle to elucidate at times.

Do You words have rightly found a space of their own here at WOL.

Great job


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