This England

this land of pleasant green

"God Save the Queen"

"Britannia Rules the waves"

and other jingoistic phrases

that were used

while flags were waved

so many years ago.


This England

that grew fat on trading slaves

and subjugation,

the struggling poor controlled

by lack of education.


This England

this land of pleasant green

where networking  'Old Boys'

buy bigger better toys

"We're all in it together"

their ambiguous explanation.


As austerity bites and prices rise

classes once again divide

into the age old order,

not flags but fists are waved

as demands are being made

by placard bearing crowds

who are hurting

                                       IN  ENGLAND ---

                                                           ---     NOW.


This is about rough sleepers - universal credit - low wages - children raised in poverty - food banks.




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Dorothy Webb

Tue 12th Feb 2019 20:31

Thank you Ray, Rich and M.C.Newberry for reading my poem and for your comments.

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Tue 12th Feb 2019 19:57

Hi Dorothy; aside from the historical context of your poem , I think what brings it so smartly into the current situation socially, is the leverage given to the struggling economy caused by gambling excess money in the American mortgage debt market which had repercussions throughout the banking fraternity. One result of that was the bailing out by the government; the funds thus released were invested in property by the banking industry. a retrenchment. The other thing is the mechanics of economics itself which does not exist in a vacuum. Socialism seems to have died on its arse now, altruism does not play much of a part in any effective way.

Just a widening circle of need and greed, I'm afraid.

Thought provoking poem !


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Tue 12th Feb 2019 19:46

love it.

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 12th Feb 2019 17:07

Late on Sunday evening I drove my 11 yr old car to an all-night
filling station for some cash from the wall machine and some fuel..
I had no sooner pulled up and hardly had time to release my seat
belt when a face closed in on my driver's side window, the mouth
busy working with words I couldn't properly hear let alone understand. It finally dawned on me that the face - a woman - was
asking for money. I said "NO!" and as she turned away in disgust
I mentioned I had none and had only JUST arrived (as she must
have known). That stopped her in her muttering tracks and I was
able to use the facilities and give her a top-up to who-knows-what-
else she had secreted in the sock into which she placed my own
contribution. Whilst on the subject in a general sense, I'm always
intrigued by the way the "deprived" manage to afford drugs and drink. But no doubt someone will say these are needed to get
them through the day and push it aside as being cruel/callous even to mention it. The government of the day has a duty to the tax-payer and distributing their taxes will always be a source of
dissatisfaction and criticism, to which any such administration should respond within its abilities and responsibilities. Far from
easy but nonetheless its proper duty. In the meantime, no country
has so many charitable concerns playing-catch up to help so
many causes and demands. My personal "beef" is when government seems happy to allow the latter to do what a government should be doing!

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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 12th Feb 2019 12:38

Hello Dorothy,

I was up in Leeds a few days ago the street sleepers were thick on the ground and in doorways, bloody disgraceful in the world's 6/7 largest economy. Irrespective of how or why people end up on the streets it is shameful. Being a former soldier I am aware the disproportionate number of veterans that find themselves in this situation, it is unforgivable to my mind.

Most of the politicians have not a clue what that must feel like, betrayed again. I do not deny the circumstances which find people in these situations are hugely varied but it simply cannot be right.

Don't even get me started on veterans suicide and the absence of any public recording of the correlation between military service, PTSD and suicide.

Good thoughtful and thought provoking writing.



Tue 12th Feb 2019 11:49


such A POWERFUL poem.


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