loose ends

I have never been a buttoned up blouse
I do not know how it would feel 
To tie up the knots of your life
Around outdated morality
About the boundless nature of human pleasure 
Lest ye be bound 
For all your tales are wrathful woes written by irascible facists
Who cannot stand to see those who they believe are beneath them crawl towards the light

Enlighten me -
As to why I must always dull my shine to satisfy those who hiss at the morning,
And those who kiss without warning, 
And those whose convictions are performing, 
And those who dismiss our forewarning 

My value does not compete
With the interest you impose upon me
Our hands are all unclean
So spare me your sanitized reality 

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◄ A passage from the book I'll never write

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Sophie Morley

Tue 25th Jun 2019 15:09

Love love love this!! X

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Sofia Urquiza

Fri 15th Feb 2019 07:23

Old english with modern English..beautiful!

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