The Digital Dunce

The Digital Dunce


This is a tale about a digital dunce, who obeys without question, I too was one once.

It’s hard to see the curve is so smooth, and the journey quite slow, unlike the pace that you move

From a freeman to slave, bound in ball and chain... until none of the former even remains


Let’s take a look at the letter s on this page... its good place to start, for your brain to engage

I know that you live life at an extremely fast pace, so slow down a while, now rest from your race

I’ve chosen an S for a very good reason... Cos. this is the start of the planting season


My Mum used to say when I watched too much telly

“You’ll end up with square eyes and a great big fat belly”

Now go out and play, turn off that telly... and I just like you, used to sit there and scoff.


The programs were different when I was a child; my eyes were round then, not frazzled and wild

Now after the so called digital revolution, the stage was all set for our mass devolution

Dumbing us down with mindless drivel, as we passively sit there squared in middle


Pictures that are made up of tiny little squares, made to look real... or that’s how it appears

With sounds that surround us, all digitally enhanced, assaulting our ears at every chance

Screens on our mobiles and screens on our games even our photos now have moving frames


A gadget of some sort glued to our hand or that’s how it seems from where I now stand

On every street corner where kids used to play I see digital dunces every day

Texting and Twitter and Face Book and stuff, sadly it seems for them is enough.


I can’t see how things will ever improve, when our future looks set to digitally move

I’m sure kids of today would think I’m an old fart...  or the modern equivalent; expletive at the start

As I pass them by, they blankly stare, most unaware that I’m even there


If they captured my picture on their mobile device I might end digitized that would be nice

Beamed around the world in an instant of time, I’d become world famous because this rhyme

The prospect of that happening is next to nil, it’s not exciting enough... nothing here to thrill


No swear words, no killing, no tits and bums... I’m just really glad I listened to my Mum

I did switch it off, that box in the corner and opened my eyes to become a reformer

So what care I for fortune and fame, life is for living that’s the real game!




◄ Po’s prose prologue The UNDERWOOD Chapter 2

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Jon Stainsby

Mon 11th Feb 2019 17:25

Hear hear


Mon 11th Feb 2019 10:42

Dave I don't have a mobile either.
People look stunned when you say you don't own a mobile.
Their reactions are mind-blowing... well to me they are.

I have spent far to many hours researching the health dangers and reading the lies of governments and mobile manufactures.

I did have a bit of rant on a post by Keith (not at Keith) about aerials (sorry Keith) I am just raising awareness wherever and when whenever I get the chance Dave.

Mind you getting a pat down Mmmmm!

I don't very often travel by plane The thought of that body scanner radiation! Just kidding... If you only go though it on your hols once a year there is no problem right.



Mon 11th Feb 2019 10:31

Hi Kate Thank you for your comment.

This is an issue very close to my heart.


Kate G

Mon 11th Feb 2019 10:28

😁 on point as usual Po

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Dave Caplan

Sat 9th Feb 2019 12:21

I wholeheartedly concur Po.

When I travel all I need is my trusty Daily Telegraph book of cryptic crosswords.

On the occasions I go by air and have to empty my belongings into one of those plastic trays for scanning they always say "and your mobile phone sir." When I say I don't use them they just send me through the magnetic portal, and when my fly buttons ping they pat me down just to make sure !

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Jason Bayliss

Sat 9th Feb 2019 11:33

Well said Po, constructive use is a great thing.


Sat 9th Feb 2019 11:19

We can use the tools we have to fight back with.

It is about seeing how great computers can be IF a big if. we take back control.

It takes discipline. That is something we need to teach, it does not come naturally.



Sat 9th Feb 2019 11:13

Oh! That is exactly the point Lisa. YES! YES! YES!

Our poor children do not know anything else.

Give them the smallest opportunity to use their own imagination and they will love it!

I got a book from my Granddaughter (aged 7) for Christmas.

It is an interactive book of short stories. They are given a template, a sort of start here then go here, next do this, and then end here.... She is so proud of her contribution. Seeing her name on the bottom of the page... "I wrote that she proudly exclaimed!"

They fill in the gaps and come up with some stunning short stories.

OR... They can free verse stuff writing whatever they want about whatever they like. OMG!

This is part of my plan in the year ahead to do a similar thing with poetry for children... and adults!

'The Underwood' is a little experiment to test the waters.

It is a work in progress... with a long to way go as yet.

Every journey begins with the first step.

Thank you for commenting and your support


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Jason Bayliss

Sat 9th Feb 2019 11:06

Yep, genuinely mind blown. Resounding applause, (On my tablet of course 😀. Irony not lost)

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lisa donohoe

Sat 9th Feb 2019 10:51

Just wowwww...

You hit every single nail on the head with the most incredible verse's.

Each line and every word was spot on in what our society has become,
Robot's with no wires or battery's yet the world acts as if we no longer are capable of using our brains without the help of devices and electrical equipment.

I absolutely LOVED reading this, I loved it so much I read it out to the kid's...

They wore to obviously to what I was saying because their head's wore glued to a computer game...

So I plugged it out to make them listen (haha)

To my surprise my oldest who is only nine left his place on forth-night ( the new craze)

To go and reach for a book he has had since xmas.. It is now February and finally ' thanks to your poem he wanted to read it, which he did and after putting it back on his shelf , he went out to play...
Great job po
This is awesome 😃


Sat 9th Feb 2019 10:48

I fear for the youth of today.

The next generation will be even worse.
What has the world become KJ.

The latest advice from the think tank is to take the devices away at mealtimes and remove them from children's bedrooms at night.

Like that is going to happen! The few odd parents who do this will be wise to follow the advice. But the parents now are so indoctrinated they don't see any harm in it... it did not cause them any problems!!!!

Look at the huge rise in ADHD and Ritalin usage since the roll out of wifi and now with the advent of 5G I truly worry about the health of the nation.... Nay! the health of the world.

The evidence is there in abundance, of the dangers of microwave radiation associated with these frequencies being transmitted.

When I try to tell my children and my grandchildren I watch their eyes roll upwards … "Here he goes again"


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kJ Walker

Sat 9th Feb 2019 08:01

I know exactly where you are going with this one. In a pub where I often go for dinner (lunch if you're south of Watford) there is always a family of 5 sat at the same table. Granddad, dad and three sons. All but the granddad spend the entire time glued to devices, and don't even look up to thank the old boy when he pays for their meals.
They can be addictive, and are ruining social interaction.

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