Your love is like a thief

I am a happy person, blessed beyond belief

But lately I’ve been down,  your love is like a thief.

I feel like I’ve been robbed of my normal self,

It’s like the old me is hiding, pushed on the back of a dusty shelf.

I’m struggling to find a way to cope with the choices I’ve made,

And to be honest I’m a little afraid.

I tried to take a break from writing, to hide from how I feel,

I thought it might help but how refreshing it is right now to release what’s real.

I can’t write about you forever, my secret, but my emotions are through the roof,

The tears that flow when I write about you are actual proof.

Our situation and your absence is overwhelming, it’s too much.

everyday you’re on my mind & wish I could feel your touch.

I thought the feelings would subside, and maybe they will,

But right now i’m drowning and my feelings I need to spill.

My mind and heart are at battle every day,

My mind wants to let you go, my heart wants you to stay.

I’ve betrayed people around me,

They trust in me so much they can’t even see.

I feel like such a terrible person for what I’ve done,

And  sometimes I wish from it all I could run.

Excuses and coverups for the the anxiety and stress,

But it’ll hurt too many to ever confess.

I was selfish I know, but you are so perfect in so many ways,

It’s too bad you have to be just a “phase”.

I’ll cherish every memory we’ve made,

And the time I got with you I would never trade.

Instead of looking at you as another heartache or scar,

I’ll try and see you as a blessing, one that I have to admire from afar.


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Leslie stout

Fri 8th Feb 2019 17:25

Po- thank you for your feedback on my work. It means so much.



Fri 8th Feb 2019 13:16

What giant leaps you have made thus far Les.

Remember, he is always just a thought away, closer even than your own breath.

Insightful and touching


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