Ronnie's Pants (and so is his bowling)

We got more than we'd bargained for at bowls today :


When we saw Ronnie's big stripey pants

we couldn't believe our eyes

as they seemed to start at his chest

and end just below his thighs


It was quite a stark revelation

and we couldn't suppress our laughter

when after he'd tucked them back in

there was still just as much showing after


The players on rink number one

didn't think it was all that funny

as it caused them to bowl their woods

offline and straight down the gulley


I think Ronnie's learnt his lesson

and I hope we can take it as read

that next time to save all our blushes

he'll wear Jockey Y-Fronts instead


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Brian Maryon

Thu 7th Feb 2019 21:32

Thanks John...tried for a pic but couldn't find anything disgusting enough.

Thanks Tommy...rock on!

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Tommy Carroll

Thu 7th Feb 2019 16:47

eek Brian eek! Any chance for a substitute?

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John Coopey

Thu 7th Feb 2019 11:42

You should have added a photo, Brian. Nice one.

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Brian Maryon

Thu 7th Feb 2019 09:27

Thanks Po. I think Ronnie must still have his that he bought in 1998.


Thu 7th Feb 2019 08:14


That's the ticket!

Do they still make them Brian?


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Brian Maryon

Thu 7th Feb 2019 07:39

Thankyou Jennifer

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