No more heartfelt apologies.

This poem was written in the wake of the Windrush scandal and a look in my past life as a child been racially abused in my school days of 1997. the words I have used here may be considered offensive to some but are used here to hit the nail home they are and never will be acceptable in this time of age, as I am sick of the halfhearted apologies people make for saying them. 


This one goes out to the racially confused
when I was younger, I was racially abused
raised in town
where the basis is casually racist
a place where my family got called wogs
but now there's a reason I'm screaming
more blacks
more Irish
more dogs

walking these streets I wonder if the nation is getting thicker
as I see carved into a bus stop another swastika
done probably by someone
who states he doesn't like the Irish, the black nor the brown
whilst supping on a Guinness
eating a curry
and listening to Tamala Motown

I'm sick of people
with these opinions so half mast
I come from the time I was considered "half-caste"
I'm part of a cultural melting pot
something these people will never be 
as they remain trapped
in racial banality

throw away these ignorant views
place them firmly in the bin
I don't want to think of a world where the Nazis got in
I vehemently believe we should still smash the fash
and the idiotic policies they push
As I still feel the sorrow for those affected Grenfell and Windrush

So this one goes out to the racially confused
I'm not your opportunity to be racially abused
Not going back to a time where I hear the words
"coon, black bastard,  the son of a set of wogs"

and bring forth the more irish, more blacks, and more dogs. 


angeranti-racismHeritagepunk poetryracism

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lisa donohoe

Thu 7th Feb 2019 17:18

The passion behind your word's could never be denied, this is a very inspirational poem with much pain and a big lesson to be learned. Those who slate different cultures need the most love, it must be extremely hard to live so coldly ?. This was beautifully written. Well done to you ?

jennifer Malden

Thu 7th Feb 2019 15:47

You have definitely made your point! Liked the end of the second verse in particular. Great writing! You have used 'those' words' to protest so I can't see why anyone should find them offensive in this context.


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