There is no patriotic art, just grievance

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    "Glücklicherweise kann der Mensch nur einen gewissen Grad des Unglücks fassen; was darüber hinausgeht, vernichtet ihn oder läßt ihn gleichgültig." Goethe,  Die Wahlverwandtschaften (Elective Affinities), 1809

Fortunately, people can comprehend only a certain degree of misfortune; anything beyond that either destroys them or leaves them indifferent.

Historical grievances are held close, nutured,

Ask the Irish about Cromwell or the Germans about

The Red army and the rape and murder of German civilians after the war had 'ended'

East Prussia was carved up by the Red army

The Prussians had been there for over a thousand years

But Stalin didn't care. Any means would do, to get rid of a million ot two.

Within two years of 'liberation from the Nazis' two million ethnic Germans were butchered or fled their homes

The Red Army encouraged the practice of mass rape: war by other means.

Thousands of ethnic Germans were sent to concentration camps in Siberia. Never to return.

This genocide was condoned by the USA and by Britain at Potsdam.

Thousands of German orphans - wolf children - were rounded up and 'disposed of'. 

They, like most of the German civilians left alive, were starving.

This crime against humanity has never been investigated.

Unsurprisingly, given this history, the far-right AfD received over a third of the vote, in the east.

Alternative for Germany has its heartlands in Saxony, in the east

Where the connection with the 'lost lands' is strongest, in the east.


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