The wood of enchanted contentment


The frost carpets the meadow, Lark’s song in the air

The fresh smell of the season, the winter draws near

Holly laden with red berries, a good winters store

‘Hedgehog’ is asleep, on the warm woodland floor


‘Old Oak’ has provided a blanket of leaves that cover

As our prickly friend burrows, the leaves softly smother

‘Wise Owl’ keeps a watch, see his head swiftly turn

Who-o-o’s entered the wood?   All very soon learn


No need to worry, no need to fear

Its only the sound of Zzzzz Snoring ‘Old Bear’

‘Squirrel’ quickly climbs to the top of ‘Oak tree’

The snows softly falling, she scampers to see


A blanket that now covers the clearing once green

In this white carpet, all our footprints are seen.

On the telegraph wires, birds are deep in discussion

Whilst ‘Woodpecker’ plays his staccato percussion


The only sounds to be heard through the stillness and calm

Oh! The joy of ‘Underwood’s Bewitching charm.



◄ Millstone of malaise

The Sword of ‘Damocles’ ►



Thu 7th Feb 2019 08:11


I am glad you are coming along on this journey because...

Spoiler alert, Woop! Woop!

Chapter 2 will be interactive!!!


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Wed 6th Feb 2019 21:08

I do so love an epic journey for it leads to stories that still the world to listen. I'm in! 💖


Tue 5th Feb 2019 07:30

So we have Jo Do & Po

More Do …" the student school course book" You say!

More on this later my friend.

We are about to embark on the next stage of this sojourn...

At the edge of the treeline as we exit the wood is a log cabin. Here we will all rest for the night, before embarking on a journey to the "Temple on the mount."

<Deleted User> (16837)

Tue 5th Feb 2019 05:50

Hi Po, this is one of your finest poem. The literary world needs something new....and this is one which could be included in the student school course book. I am a big fan of your works. Keep going !!!👍


Mon 4th Feb 2019 19:57

Hi Jason

You will need to start at page one because you need to catch up.

We will wait for you.

Ghaz will be along in a bit

And hopefully the rest of 'the motley crew'



Mon 4th Feb 2019 19:55

It does indeed Jon

Just don't ask where to...

As long as you are coming along!


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Jon Stainsby

Mon 4th Feb 2019 18:57

The story continues..................

Great, Po.

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