Put your lab coat on,
it's time to test the hypothesis that our connection wasn't real.
It was a slow burning reaction for sure,
many catalysts applied before the chemistry kicked in.
But you perservered,
true genius in your method, 
where all the elements added up to create fusion.
And for a little while,
something special bubbled away.
Through the chemical haze
I saw you in a different light,
our catalytic converter shifting friendship into something intangible and different.
Until suddenly,
you withdrew.
Cold as liquid nitrogen.
Leaving me a free radical
unpaired from you -
doubtful a reaction ever took place.
The science showing me it's not possible to prove your love.
Your silence leaving me to infer that
no amount of theorising will ever bring you back.

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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 4th Feb 2019 20:18

Nice one Kate....clever analogy,

those free radicals eh! highly reactive and short lived.

The thing about experiments is they have to be conducted under strict lab conditions, and then you have to trust the outcome...that's often difficult and disappointing.


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