Brexit 2

  Brexit 2


They don`t get it the politicians

why people voted to leave.

there is and rightly, so a deep

discontent among people, the see

their water, gas, train and bus prizes

privatised by pirates.

There is a revolt in the air, the Brits

are tired being led by the nose

by a capitalistic system that long ago

ceased to be a democratic, free vote is not

democracy and EU has nothing to offer

only more dictates.

The Brits know the future can be tough

(As tough as it is now,) but at least

It is their choice, and there be better

days to come when they throw the shackles

off, walk free towards a new down as equals.



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M.C. Newberry

Sun 3rd Feb 2019 17:12

I was never happy with the subterfuge I saw being enacted
that enabled the original idea of a common market (trade) to
develop - stealthy step by stealthy step - to the present self-regulating Brussels-based entity that refuses to have its accounts
audited and dismisses the peoples of the nations within its fold
(politically contrived) as the equivalent of cannon fodder whose
opinions and wishes are disdained with such cavalier disregard
by "the project". Socialism always seeks a world order- and.
the concept of sovereignty, especially an ancient one like ours,
has no value or meaning for that particular political creed. Yet
here they are as much at odds about leaving & remaining as "big
business" interests, seen as so influential as movers and shakers
in real political terms. As for the question "...since when was it
your country?" - the answer lies within the ties of blood and
sacrifice and a state of mind. Or, perhaps, as Louis Armstrong
once replied when asked about jazz; If you have to ask, you
don't know.

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 3rd Feb 2019 10:47

Pleasing to get a positive view of the risks of the UK path towards a
regained sovereignty. As a nation we are pragmatic but do not
like to be taken for fools! The watchdog has woken and barked
its warning about what has been/is being taken from us.

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