a happy mouse

The happy mouse


 I know of a mouse that lived in a drain

 in the backyard, it looked thin like it had

escaped from other mice and found this

hiding hole, it was a good choice.

My dog was a sloppy eater, so I fed her

In the yard, the way she ate like it was her

last meal.

The mouse grew fat by the crumb but also

bold it sometimes walked around when

the dog wasn`t there

 She, the dog knew something was up

 she often sniffed at the drain and looked at me.

I looked heavenward tried to look innocent.

One day, the now fat mouse, struggling to

get into the drain the dog saw her and killed

the mouse: I patted the dog`s head and said

good girl, what else could I say?

I consoled myself by the fact the mouse

had had a few good months of happiness.

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Trevor Alexander

Tue 29th Jan 2019 12:08

Just goes to show: you struggle through the hard times, and just when you think you're getting ahead of the game, you get complacent and life comes and bites you in the ass!

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