Sprung between the cracks of the slabs in Peckham Rye

the Sprigs of Empire Mothers defy a concrete sky,

here where Blake saw Angels and Shepherds quenched a thirst

the once downtrod are rising and learning to come first.


From Terraces and Towers confined and stacked unseen

they dare to poke their hopeful buds to where they've never been,

while Highwaymen of history defoliate their Streets,

they terraform new futures beneath angry stomping feet. 


English Roses vased and rootless look so pretty on the shelf

smooth stemmed close bred and clueless, disadvantaged by good health.

I'll take the Slumflower bloomers unburnished by the Sun  

Cinderella's who dance shoe-less running rings round everyone.      

◄ Bury your head in the sand and get fucked in the arse

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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 24th Jan 2019 08:48

Thanks folks.

Using the word burnished or unburnished reminds me of Joan Hunter Dunn, consequently I like using it.


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Wed 23rd Jan 2019 19:42

Upwardly mobile themes in a historical context. I like the ideas as they make their contrasts mate.


Wed 23rd Jan 2019 14:49

…"while Highwaymen of history defoliate their Streets..
What a great line

Great Audio


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