Bury your head in the sand and get fucked in the arse

When did humility become disability?

there are no benefits to claim. 

To withhold a word for impact

is lost on the inane.


Why should less mean more than more?

was war suppressed by jaw, jaw, jaw?

When rationale walked out the door

the room filled up with bore, bore, bore. 


When did lies become invisible?

impervious to all that's risible,

When honesty hides itself away

that’s when the clowns come out to play.


Why should we reserve our words

to save their precious ears?

the first verse here explains the third,

the truth is what they fear.


So when you take the silent vow

and turn your face away,

you give to them the power now

that could be yours today.   

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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 22nd Jan 2019 15:16

Excommunication Ray! I'm ready to light the kindling and to burn myself at the stake pal, it's so bad it's fucking hilarious.

To be honest I don't even like this offering I just put it up to annoy myself at my own miserable limitations, seriously.

Thanks Ray,

G. Fawkes

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Tue 22nd Jan 2019 14:55

A good and wise antedote if you can swallow it David. I feel you have excommunicated yourself, but that's no bad thing frankly. Standards are underwhelming, if not enthralling. I mean does everything have to be endlessly fucking explained - I fear that it does need that and to no avail. Watch the Meaning of Life for references to the above.


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