railway table

The Stylishness


Coming back he felt like a man sitting

on a train going home from seeing the blue angel.

Besides a person who was on secondment

from the army so often he was a now a colonel and

 knew the railway system in Germany.

He had been on a bender for days and, the room

where he woke up was dingy and needed, and all

he needed was a cold bottle

of beer not for him but his shakes.

His thoughts of beer were interrupted by a knock

on the door, it was the army officer on secondment

saying goodbye he was off on another train

had been promoted as well to a higher rank,

I congratulated him saw him disappearing down the hall.

Discipline! That`s what is needed, with that he got

up had a shower, walked out with nonchalance. Which

wasn`t tricky at a downtrodden hotel.



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Sat 26th Jan 2019 20:42

Very enjoyable tale , leaves us wanting to know more Jan. I hope you're well, havn't seen you on here for some days.


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