to be the best

To be the best


My husband is Europe`s best salesman

she said proudly.

What does he sell? Things, she said.

What things? Well, many different things.

Putin is a good seller of hopes, I said.

Who is Putin? A man who sell dreams

and other things, I have never heard of

him does he sell houses too.

Reflecting upon “things” Brexit came

to mine, people didn`t want to buy it

founds “things” a burden importing stuff

they could produce themselves.

“Don`t look a gift horse in the mouth,” she did

And found it had many rotten teeth

needed a dentist to extract them.

I like fish& chips a man chimed in and for French

Cheese! I never bought one, what`s wrong with

Gouda?  (Geography not his strong suit) and for

wine, I rather have a pint of lager.

So it is settled then (never mind the street talks)

we are half out but also half in.

Can we say Theresa May is a great salesperson?

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