Perchance To Dream

Perchance to Dream.

Part 1

You think the world is solid, then watch it simply melt

Down a drain in the gutter, that’s just how it felt

So I followed diving in, though in a slot in the grid

There saw a woman standing, from my gaze she simply slid

Looking up, looking down, looking this way, looking that

I saw a cat with green whiskers, sitting on a mat


It’s edges quickly curling, flapping, it began to fly

The mat and the cat, though the middle of an elephant’s eye

Suddenly a trumpet trumped from the elephant’s long grey trunk

Then I watched it, falling down a mouse’s hole as he quickly shrunk

Thunder clapped. Like drips, I am running down the pane

Dripping off the window sill then falling down the drain


Where I saw that elusive woman who still was not there

Bite the head off a mouse, as the elephant reappeared

Watched his ivory tusks turning into gold he too disappeared


Part 2


I saw that woman again today. “I conjured you”  I heard her say

A humming bird hovering by her ruby lips, taunting, as if in foreplay

Then climbing up between its wings a lullaby the lady sings

In a brilliant flash both disappeared, again the lady was not there.


And yet!

Still in my ear the birds sweet humming,  accompanied by eight legs a drumming

Looking up I see a web, from that fine silver thread,  a spider is towards me running

This spider with a thousand eyes, transfixed me, gripped me by her hypnotic trance

Seducing me with her venomous bite from this succubus in the night... to dream perchance   



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Dave Caplan

Sun 20th Jan 2019 16:25

To be teased by an enigmatic Muse would be a dream well worth sleeping for.....I'm going to bed early tonight !

Marvellous imagery PO...much enjoyed.

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Martin Elder

Sun 20th Jan 2019 14:29

There is some great metaphor here with some wonderful lines with an almost Lewis Carrol, feel to it.
Love it

<Deleted User> (16837)

Sun 20th Jan 2019 14:22

Your restless night was a left u with another feather in your cap....a graphic poem, too intense.

Btw....what were eles, rats n cats doing in yr dream....did u visit a zoo ?

Haha....i enjoyed your dream ..almost became a part of ur dream...?

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Sun 20th Jan 2019 13:10

Bigged up by The BIG GUY! Woop Woop

Read it and weep LOL


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Sun 20th Jan 2019 13:08

LOL. Alan I found some nice mushrooms growing under the old oak tree. The HobGobblin said they would be good.

He was dead right.

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Alan Travis Braddock

Sun 20th Jan 2019 12:12

Interesting! Hypnotic like a 'Yes' cover.
I like it but... what were you on at the time?

Big Sal

Sun 20th Jan 2019 11:14

Goddamn you. This is too good, and too much like my book.

We need to burn this. Get all the REAL poets together, start some swear words online, and run you out of town with your bad ass poems with you!

No place in this world for the likes of someone as good as you! Get out of here and never look back unless of course you come bearing extremely sympathetic comments and puckered lips. . .

Sorry buddy, went off on my own tangent there. .Great fucking piece.?

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Sun 20th Jan 2019 11:07

awe! Ghaz Your comments are as always both warming and complimentary.

I had a bit of a restless night! LoL


<Deleted User> (16837)

Sun 20th Jan 2019 09:54

Your poem left me breathless.....'twas like a movie, topsy turvy ride...and the climax was amazing. The end is hypnotic.
Mesmerizing piece....(claps!!!)?

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