yesterday is tomorrow

Yesterday is tomorrow


Ay the first meeting he loved her, and she loved him,

he was jealous of her flirtatious ways, and harsh words were spoken

. She left.

They met again a few years later he was more rounded

and accepted her little affairs, as she always came back

to him. For many years they were happy to the day

she contracted gonorrhoea which took a few weeks

to clear up and they continue their love life.

But it was a pretence they struggled to believe, it was

like a shadow of doom had cast an evil spell over them.

She took to drink and often smelt of gin in the morning

she couldn`t sleep and drink late in the night.

One day she said she didn`t love her anymore, she had

met a man who was like he liked to drink and dance.

Again she moved out, this time for good.

Because of their lifestyle, both fell on a hard time

and moved away to a town where no one knew them.

What he often remembers is when they were young

and he tried to jump from a wall to a flat roof and

she held out her arm to save him from falling.


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lisa donohoe

Sun 20th Jan 2019 01:51

Love at first is always the strongest but only loyal ones' stay around the longest...
Much pain leys in these words,.. Undeserving of your love and it will haunt her dreams each time she reminisce's about the good aul days...

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