Brexit 2

Brexit 2


They don`t get it the politicians

why people voted to leave.

there is and rightly, so a deep

discontent among people, the see

their water, gas, train and bus prizes

privatised by pirates.

There is a revolt in the air, the Brits

are tired being led by the nose

by a capitalistic system that long ago

ceased to be a democratic, free vote is not

democracy and EU has nothing to offer

only more dictates.

The Brits know the future can be tough

(As tough as it is now,) but at least

It is their choice, and there be better

days to come when they throw the shackles

off, walk free towards a new down as equals.


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Thu 17th Jan 2019 16:25

I agree Jan. There's a lot of fear too from the status quo that their grip will be loosened. Loads of propaganda based on that now, Imagine if the early settlers in the States had had that attitude.


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