how it is so insane

How it is so insane


There is a hardening of empathy in the blood vessels

of the Western world has peace lasted too long, if we

regard bloodletting as a natural cycle like the seasons

and now it is blue frost winter in the heart of man.

We have always been killing each other, the USA was

born by eradicating the local population and indeed

in Latin America, the conquistadors killed 90%

of its people and now we have Israel repeating

the long history of murder; not to forget the Rohingya

people escaping being slain by Buddhists in Myanmar.

Now we see a crescendo of mass eradication of plants

and animals, the very foundation of human life it is as

we are at war with self, committing suicide in our quest

to dominate others and thereby us.

There will be no place to hide whether we live in a castle

or in a cave when the world is red-hot bullet hurtling through

space, and there will be no history to tell.



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