Talking me through

Where are you dad when I need you to talk me through,

You use to always tell me exactly what I should do.

I wish I could talk to you and just hear your voice,

But Instead I look for a sign of your presence, I don’t have any other choice.

You always knew exactly what I needed to hear,

Always had the perfect responses to take away my fear.

I’d give anything right now to have you by side,

To help me get through this and still have some pride.

I’m so lost and confused, I want him so bad,

How can I get over it and pretend I’m not sad?

I know I’ll never have him, I’ll never get to call him mine

Dad, please tell me everything will be fine.

I’ve never felt quite like this before,

Unwanted, second choice, why couldn’t I be more.

He’s so much like you, so loving and sweet

There’s no way it was an accident, our souls had to meet.

Right now I need your patience, it’s a virtue that I lack,

Ugh, if only for a minute, I wish I could have him back.

I want to scream at the top of my lungs and let out the tears,

Just another ache in my heart to carry all through the years.

I’ll be okay though, I know what I’ll do,

Ill just imagine your voice talking me through.


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Big Sal

Wed 16th Jan 2019 15:57

Beautifully written piece completely devoid of pretention and full of emotion.

Well done, the repetition, rhythm, and ending all add up to something sentimental.?

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 16th Jan 2019 15:47

And I lost mine when I was five. Agree with Brian about the edge
this sort of loss can add to dealing with life. A step-father appeared
but that's another not altogether beneficial story. You have to make
the best of the hand you're dealt and there are always going to be
those worse off - even without ANY parents or other family to be
there for them as they grow up. Role models then become vital
and today there seems a prevalence of the wrong sort becoming a
detrimental decider on the path a young life follows. Be lucky!
Now that's an expression with a reality that can come to mean much.

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Brian Maryon

Wed 16th Jan 2019 14:33

It's hard. I lost my dad at 16. It teaches you independence prematurely. Ultimately it probably gives you a harder edge than you would otherwise have...possibly no bad thing. Keep your chin up Leslie.

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