Listen to whatever type of music sets your soul on fire,

Let your heart bleed onto paper while you write whatever it is you desire.

Don’t hold yourself back for anyone,

And never regret anything you’ve done.

For every bit of you, every single little part,

Ties you all together, like a breathtaking piece of art.

All of the happiness you have felt, along with all the tears,

Just open up and tell your whole story, without any fears.

How incredibly amazing for everyone else to see,

Just how beautiful a broken mess can be.

From the blessings you’ve received down to the losses you’ve felt

Or maybe even a love that made your heart melt.

Embrace every bit of happiness and every stage of grief,

For one day darling you’ll feel a sense of relief.

The pieces of your life puzzle will all fit together in the end

So just be the real you along the way, don’t ever pretend.

Make the best of your journey, you only get one,

I hope you choose happiness & always shine bright like the sun.

And last,  but definitely far from least,

Never leave words you have in your heart left unspoken,

Regardless of the response, you’ll be okay, darling’re already broken.

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