Forever my favorite part

I don’t need a quiet spot to write,

In fact I can write just about anywhere.

My heart feels everything so deeply

Off of my mind the feelings just flow like the air.

If the feeling is real, it sticks,

all I need is somewhere safe to put the words down,

A few minutes to release the happiness or tears

Whatever the emotion is, the right words come around.

I’m not one to share with people who are close

Nobody really gets me and the way I choose release.

I’ve accepted that I’m a little different, sort of a beautiful mess,

And I’ll do whatever it is that gives me a little peace.

I’ve spent most of my years a little guarded

So no judgement of the real me is passed

But I’m slowly busting out of that

And revealing the real me at last.

I’m a broken mess inside from a lot of hurt and loss,

And Music and writing helps me get through it all.

I just wish I had that someone I could talk too,

No matter when or where, I could call.

I’ve come to learn recently,

I’ve never really had a friendship that was true,

And then you came along so open and caring,

So I’m sorry, I find it so difficult to let go of you.

To you I’ve told feelings I’ve never spoke of out loud,

It’s amazing to me with such ease, to you I could spill.

I’ll cope though, just like I always do,

Just another heartache I’ll always have to feel.

Forever on my mind and forever in my heart

Forever my little secret, forever my favorite part.


◄ I’ll always wish for you❤️

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