Until the end

Processing your words one by one,

While I hold back all the emotions rushing over me.

Being strong is not easy right now,

But I can’t let anyone else see.


Emotionally exhausted without a doubt,

yet I fake a smile and a laugh anyway.

You’re the only one I can talk to about us,

But I have to deal on my own for now you say.


With a heavy heart and eyes filled with tears,

You’re the one who I want to spill my heart too.

The one I want to hold me tight and say it’ll be okay,

Because I always feel better when I’m with you.


It’s taking everything in me to not reach out,

I’m trying my best to respect you and give you your space.

But it’s so scary for me because I don’t want you to forget,

You mean so much to me and in my heart you’ll always have a special place.


I love you as my lover,

And I love you as my friend,

Even if you don’t ever feel the same way back,

I’ll love until the end.


◄ Is it true?

I’ll always wish for you❤️ ►


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