Growing Up

We say we grow up

By age,

Every birthday like placards

We never fail to hold high,

Doting the fresh digits;

Still we didn’t grow healthy enough

To evade the murky moods lurking

In the crooked corners of mind:

We let anger clasp our senses,

We show swift switches of feelings.

Every birthday like fresh flowers

We feel we woke up with stronger stems,

While letting mosses invade inside

Weighing down on us,

Which are but considered an assimilation of years past

Like lessons but never learnt.

We let ourselves bothered by petty things

And end up saying it’s an adult thing.

All the while without realising 

We never grew up inside –

Still the peevish kid grumbling inside,

Taming an unsatisfied sad visage wrapped in so-called maturity.

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<Deleted User> (18965)

Mon 14th Jan 2019 08:11

Really like this - so true as well x

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