Is it true?


Promise me something?

Only tell me you love me if it’s really true,

Regardless of how deep my feelings are for you..

...To him, this she wants to say...

But too scared to know the whole truth

She holds it back and takes it day by day.

She looks into his eyes deeply

And her heart could practically melt

This feeling is like something she has never felt.

Yes, she’s been in love before

But it’s different this time, the feeling is so pure

Everything about him, she’s never been so sure

Does he love her back the same?

If not, she’d be sad, but wouldn’t hold any blame..

She’s a broken mess with a heavy heart

Who would want to deal with all of that from the start?

He is so perfect for her though, in every single way

And in his arms forever is where she wishes she could lay.

In love with her, is where she wants him to fall

With everything about her, big and small.

The love she has for him, does it feel it for her too?

She lays awake wondering if it’s too good to be true.

We can only be patient and wait for now

A life together in the future, we’ll have to see if time will allow..

◄ Life

Until the end ►


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lisa donohoe

Mon 14th Jan 2019 12:26

I absolutely adored your poem..
For a heart yearning to be loved yet fears if it let's go, its only place is to be left where it began.. Alone and unsure..

He is so perfect for her though,in every single way. And in his arms forever is where she wishes she could lay...

Remarkable and super cute.. Well done x

<Deleted User> (18965)

Mon 14th Jan 2019 08:36

Good honest words and true I think for lots of people x

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