Dogshit Hypocrite

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Near where I live there's a dog toilet called Tolladine Wood.

Everyone lets their dogs shit there

and they don't clean it up as they should.


They look around surreptitiously

before covering the crap with leaf litter

or kicking it into the bushes.


They're supposed to bag and bin it.

Why don't they play the game?

But guess what...I'm looking after my daughter's dog

and now I'm doing exactly the same.

Sunday Rhyme for Trev

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Brian Maryon

Mon 14th Jan 2019 10:44

A new year and nothing has changed...I'm still writing crap or about crap.

Nevertheless thank you all for the interest shown.

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Taylor Crowshaw

Sun 13th Jan 2019 09:14

Excellent Brian, gave me a smile...


Sun 13th Jan 2019 03:17

Love that last line Brian.

Hope Trev likes it!


<Deleted User> (18965)

Sun 13th Jan 2019 03:05

Fun poem x

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