When the great books of happiness are torn from existence

all thoughts will be erased,

people will have no ideas

ideas will have people,

we will be stolen from reason.


Great fires will burn on hillsides and in public places,

brother will kill brother,

women will rip their young from the womb and curse god,

leaders will build bridges between ideologies

and place walls between their people.


When all the books of happiness are taken from the shelves

they will be replaced by monotone direction,

by bland belief and improper order.

When all the text of love is lifted from the page

the beauty of chaos will cease.


All things will be marshalled into order,

those souls who know no songs to sing will rule.

Gallery walls will blind eyes with their resplendent emptiness.

Instruments will become ornaments,

music will be meaningless.


So thrive in love and chaos,

denounce borders and the fear of difference.

Watch the controlling Gods disappear

rage against the stagnant order

and see the world come into focus.




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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 13th Jan 2019 06:27

Thanks folks very much appreciated.

I resisted naming any of my considered 'great books of happiness' there are so many with multiple choices for individuals in that regard.

Desmond, I was thinking of how our access to knowledge and history comes largely from the written word and how we degrade ourselves when we choose not to take notice of it, plenty of examples of that going on right now in our world. I think that is where the line 'Stolen from reason' came from. I think that theft can be practised by the absence of knowledge but also the presence of deceitful false knowledge (some might call that alternate facts) you decide.

Cynthia and Martin, you know I appreciate your comments and encouragement always, thankyou.

Thanks to all.

PS, there are also great untruths uttered in poetry, or what some might present as poetry which is not. Imagine that.


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 12th Jan 2019 16:09

Great first line to captivate the interest: who could resist reading further to find out what is the author's 'take' on the 'great books of happiness torn from existence'. It is altogether a very splendid piece with much to ponder. Loved 'monotone direction', and so much else from a 'crafting' viewpoint.


Fri 11th Jan 2019 23:41

Very interesting poem David. Some very dire sentiment. I really like the line: we will be stolen from all reason, that scares me. If that happens, ‘well’ who knows what will happen.

All the best des


Fri 11th Jan 2019 22:57

How uncommon now, the wonder of the common man.

The perfect being.

A classic insightful poem David.

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Martin Elder

Fri 11th Jan 2019 22:52

Another powerful piece David. I especially love the opening lines which caught my attention immediately. It strikes me if I may be so bold as almost biblical in its reference point in the way it is written. But I maybe totally off kilter with that observation, so ignore me if I am. However a fine piece of poetry.

Nice one

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