Time will help, time will heal, 

I continuously hear.

but I’ve dealt with deep shit

And for me, with time comes fear.

Because reality sinks in

and people move on,

but your stuck with the pain

Of whoever being gone. 

We all feel things differently 

Yes, I need to understand this too,

but through my eyes

time will do nothing but take away you.

time ticks away,

and passes us by,

leaves us with just memories

and questions of why.

I found the one my soul connects to,

emotionally, physically, in every which way,

Dammit, you’re not even “mine”,

But even just the thought of you makes my day.

In just a short time, I completely fell for you,

Those weren’t my intentions, it wasnt the deal,

I get it and I’m sorry,

But I’d do anything right now to make time stand still.

So please be aware when I hear time will help,

I disagree with my whole heart,

because I know it will take away something

That we never even got the chance to fully start.




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