Perfect Ending

A perfect ending,

A dream come true.

Happiness and laughter,

Do it all just for you.

Close your eyes and imagine,

What do you see?

At the end of it all,

What do you want it to be?

Do you settle for ordinary,

Or risk it and take a leap?

Are you truly happy now,

Or feel stuck with history because you’re in so deep?

Think about it strongly

Down to the core,

If you could choose without judgment,

What would you go for?

What’s the last thing on your mind

When you lay down at night?

Or the first thing you think of

When the morning light shines bright?

Don’t let anyone or anything persuade you

Listen to your heart

Trust it over everything

That’s where you should start.

I’m an over thinker no doubt,

About everything, big and small.

I’ve thought of my perfect ending,

And over and over, for you I would fall.

I know it’s too complicated,

And it will never be,

I understand the bad timing life gave us,

But when I close my eyes, it’s you and me.

Just another thing I’ll always wonder about,

it’s almost like a tease

Everything I’ve ever dreamed of

I feel like I’m begging please.

Such a beautiful soul,

You complement me so well,

Just close your eyes with me and dream

If we are destined, I guess only time will tell.


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