Happy Thoughts

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Splashing in the paints in outfits and masks in the devil’s house,

Basking in the strength to salvage the scraps of her mental health,

Strap it on a bison when they’re laughing at a lion as the rooms shake the posts a bit,

Stranded on an island and the planet of the tyrant where the moons make the most of it,

Smite the weak and we will mind, the water’s loam and Heaven’s goods,

Hide and seek and ye shall find, a monster roams the deadened woods,

Separate the reds from the end of fate and death or the limp from a walking cow,

Penetrate the flesh and you never say it’s sex if consent is then knocking now,

To let the lobby out if we’re singing as we sought for the love of any mourners,

I bet your mommy’s proud and you’re thinking happy thoughts when you’re fucking getting tortured,

Bombastic riffs that music loves will lower art to dimes in LED and lots of bouts,

Sarcastic is as stupid does, so grow a heart and spine before telling me to watch my mouth.


Scummy lies and best friends are free to find the carp in motion and thrashing,

Mummified intentions and deified by art like Roman Polanski,

Kiss them often and then scold their trust with bone spurs to love and praise Trump,

If the problem isn’t old enough – you don’t feel it up like Drake does,

Wisdom waning in this sick ol’ nation, come on son, this is delusion on the wall to see,

Victim blaming is manipulation 101, as is collusion with Donald’s policy,

No king as we walk through the auburn trees so heavy with their endless pain that skins and covets,

So, think happy thoughts when your property is levied, and your tennis game is interrupted.

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Big Sal

Sat 12th Jan 2019 01:30

Thank you, Martin, for continuing to read. I'm glad you could still find some good things.

And Po, as always, respect.

Thanks folks. It's always good to get feedback.😁


Fri 11th Jan 2019 23:40

Wisdom waning in this sick ol’ nation, come on son, this is delusion on the wall to see,

Rip open the lids of the deaf, dumb, blind.

The writing IS on the wall

Empty words are not worth speaking

repeat repeat repeat the same old magniloquence

Bring on the poets Sal

Keep on keeping on Big Guy


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Martin Elder

Fri 11th Jan 2019 23:15

I didn't fully understand this at first read buts the poem picks up the pace daylight began to dawn. That said your use of words is pretty well always a guaranteed bonus. there are some great lines in here Love it
Nice one Sal

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Big Sal

Fri 11th Jan 2019 20:04

Appreciate you all reading this.

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Big Sal

Fri 11th Jan 2019 12:48

If I succeed in getting one person to print off a poem and use it for good - then my job is more than complete.

Your reading and support are appreciated immensely, Keith. Thank you. (And thanks for noticing the style!)

And thank you, Lisa, for your constant encouraging kind words. It's nice to gain a little validation outside of the usual group of readers that reads my work.

As for everyone else that is sure to come, thank you and enjoy.😁

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keith jeffries

Fri 11th Jan 2019 11:53

I have printed this poem and shall carry it with me as I am entranced by it and need to grasp, what I as yet, fail to see. Your work often intrigues me. Your style is unique and enticing. Well done.



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lisa donohoe

Fri 11th Jan 2019 09:07

What a poem sal, but I was more taking in by your own comment.. Just WOW.. True words and that emotion behind it ' is of a true leader.. Hate is always winning while we point fingers and act on blame.. Compassion is rare in these dark ages, very selfish of man kind to hate on another when we should spread love instead..
But thats the plan of evil as its highly intelligent. We are stronger together so it divided us into much smaller groups only to make it easier to take us down.. Im irish and yet I can see that the orange man is full of hatred and greed, money talks and unfortunately ego makes man kind follow dollar signs more than the heart. Sad but true... Well done big sal,... Brilliant😃

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Big Sal

Fri 11th Jan 2019 01:54

Here is for all those that delude themselves into agreeing with Trump's policy, rhetoric, or overall strategy in any way. You are part of the problem if you find yourself sympathizing with an enemy instead of ridding them from your life altogether.

I'm truly tired of hearing these people blame the victims from everything of the Manchester bombing at the Ariana Grande concert to the immigrants drowning on European shores after fleeing an active war zone.

Get a life, grow a heart, a mind, and a spine, and then maybe - MAYBE - I might consider saying otherwise.😒

Until then folks, thanks for reading. Pass it on.

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