raised on it.

Raised on parking lot promises
And "trust me I'm honest"'s
And smoke on our tongues while we kissed
On "I would never lie to you"'s
And "I swear I'd die for you"'s
Coming out of sixteen year old lips

Raised on hand-holding dashboard songs
If it feels right it can't be wrong
Go all the way or don't go at all
Fingers touch thighs and hips
Cat eyes and red lipstick
Grown from the time that we're small

Raised on first times in backs of trucks
Spitting off the bridge for luck
Preparing our hearts for the worst
Hickeys at night time and
Skinny dip tan lines
Don't care and you'll never get hurt

Raised on he loves me not playground songs
Trained to always get along
Say sorry to them even if you're not
"Say it like you mean it"'s
"Make sure they believe it"'s
Lie to keep them on your side's what we're taught 

Maybe if we cared a little more
And then we cared a little less
About pleasing the rest
Maybe if we loved a little more
And "liked" a little less
On the internet
Cause we're all a mess

Grew up too fast to make anything last

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◄ beautiful disaster.

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