beautiful disaster.

A volcano
Aching to reach the skies
Tries and tries
Spits ash into the air that's always blown away
A mountain
Full of fire
The heat of a thousand suns stirs within
But no one could ever see through the smoke he creates -
How every magician disappears
Smoke & mirrors
But when he explodes
Take cover
He will burn you to the ground

A hurricane
Twists and turns
The world upside down
Tries to down everything out
Lungs filled with sea
Winds that Chicago could never even dream
But calm is always found in the eyes of her storm -
You've been warned
The eye is safe
Until it's too late
If and when she returns
Take cover
She will drown you in her ocean 

The two meet
His ashes dance in her the gale of her force
She puts out the fire that burns in his soul
A beautiful disaster

The two become one;
A perfect storm
But no world could handle the strength
No warmth
Call upon a new ice age
Frozen over hell with rage

Run away
Far away
Nobody is safe
For that is the fate
When a volcano meets a hurricane


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