in love with a need.

I do not resemble a garden rose:
But I resemble every thorn
And the crimson I drag out of you when you try to pick me
Rivals the crimson I've spilled onto the petals 

I do not resemble a white flag; 
For I am not the peace you seek
I am a pistol you put to your temple willingly
But I'll be the one to pull your trigger

I do not resemble a castle;
But I do share the same grey walls
Only mine come with wrought iron and barbed wire
You'll lose your mind if I hold you inside 

I do not resemble the bright sun; 
For that is you
And I am but a cloud
Bringing darkness to the light that only blinds my judgement 

I do not resemble a great ship;
Because I am the ocean
Vast, cold and blue - drowing you 
Please swim toward land while you still have the chance

I do not resemble love;
I am not your garden,
Your saviour,
Your princess,
Your anchor,
I am but a villian in a land of heriones 
A mouse rifling through your pantry 
A rip in your favourite pair of jeans
A lesion on your heart that won't stitch
A birthday candle that will never grant your wish

So run
Though the run will steal the breath from your lungs 
It will leave you with your life in those lungs
Than I have in all my organs 

The life in you
Will never replace the lost in me
Because you're not in love with me -
You're in love with my need 

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