So weak, I’m strong

I never realized it though

Staring in the mirror

Tears rolling down my face like so


Having to put my emotions aside

Despite how sad I feel

Other people are counting on me

So on my knees I kneel.


Begging for the courage

For the strength to hide it all

Until later when I’m alone again

But for now I’ll pull myself up and stand tall


Wipe my tears and clean myself up

Have to keep it together

I don’t want to lay my sadness on others

This way is just better.


My kids are watching me

Everyone else too

A smile is what I give them

Even though I’m down and blue.


Hiding it isn’t easy

It’s exhausting and I feel drained

but I’ll be okay, I have no choice

I've been like this so long now, I have myself trained.


I use my writing and music

To give me a little peace

It’s what gets me through each day

And helps my strength increase.


Turn the music up loud

And spill my emotions without fear

They’re both so refreshing

And help me see clear.


I’ll stay strong always

And wear a cheerful smile

I’m truthfully blessed and happy

We all get sad, some just more than once in a while.


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