Lost and Found Pt 1 (Graphic content)

Lost and Found  Pt 1


My life

my lost family

Ripped apart.

I curse the

f’n opiates.


Sectioned is

The new PC


Locked up in this

‘Mad House’


The same.


Nothing PC can

Be found.

Drugged up

On the floor

In a piss soaked



drug abusemental illnesssectionedsuicidetortured soul


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Thu 10th Jan 2019 20:09

Taylor It is sadly a sign of our times.

Drugs destroy whole family's, often beyond repair.

I am often found 'helping police with their inquires!'
From the other side of the fence now!

There is a whole woven tapestry of barbed wire that prevents individuals' from escaping from the dealers clutches.



Thu 10th Jan 2019 16:53

It is with the deepest gratitude that I would like to thank all who have ‘liked’ and commented on this small and powerful poem.

I am sure that some of you will know, often when we write a poem from our past it can bring with it all the raw emotions, thoughts and feelings that were originally engendered.

I deliberated long before posting this.
As Brain mentioned on a previous poem of his, we should not shy away from ‘taboo’ topics (my word) not his.

He is correct. I also feel as poets we should stretch ourselves.

I intend to post some quite graphic poems this year. It is my hope that they will be received in the manner that I have written them.

It is not my intention to shock or belittle anybody. However, I am certain that some readers may have recall of events in their own personal life, rekindled by my words.

I believe we are all healers here, in our different ways. I also know from experience that the old adage “a problem sheared, is a problem halved” is so true.

I am including my personal email: poemagraphic@poetic.com

So that if desired any individual can contact me in confidence should they wish to.

Taylor, Rich, Ghaz, Keith, Brain, Jon, Don You all have been supportive in the last few weeks or so as have others here at WOL

From some comments I have been looking at, I am so proud to have been welcomed in to such a supportive and friendly group… A thing that sadly is missing greatly in cyberspace in general.

Thank you all once again.

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Taylor Crowshaw

Thu 10th Jan 2019 06:51

Stark Po, it has a beauty in its rawness..and honesty. I read it a few times over, and enjoyed it. We have to face the realities of life or be lost in a bubble.
My own father was sectioned when I was a child..it was traumatic for us all.

<Deleted User> (16837)

Wed 9th Jan 2019 20:01

It sure hurts to lose someone dear and be separated from dear ones. 😞
Well expressed👍 i can feel the pain, the hurt, the anger and also the confusion💗

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