Silent tears roll down my cheeks,
While everyone else is asleep.
I can feel my broken heart shatter,
As I lay here and weep.
I miss you more than anyone will ever know
And I struggle every day.
Memories are all I’m left with
And I wish it wasn’t this way.
I miss the sleepovers as a little girl,
& the sound of your old car or truck coming down the road every day.
I miss hearing you tell me how beautiful I looked in my prom dress,
And how on graduation day you were proud of me in every way.
I miss you playing your guitar,
And you singing turtle creek.
I miss you’re big beautiful smile,
All the memories make me weak.
I just want to hear your voice,
Or once more feel your touch.
I would give anything to have you here ,
I miss you and nobody knows truly how much.
I wish I could watch you be an amazing grandpa to my kids,
I know you would have been great.
But they only get to see pictures and hear stories instead,
Because your gone now, it’s too late.
It’s so unfair,
And there’s nothing I can do.
So I’ll live through the memories,
And hold on to the thought of you.
You are the first thing I will always think of when I see an eagle soaring high.
I love you so much daddy,
I just wish that I could have said goodbye.

Love your baby girl.🖤💔

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Miss you Dad ►


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