A little Glimpse of you

Trying to live through your memories

With a smile instead of tears has been tough.

But I’ve decided to see if it’ll help me breathe,

I’ve kept my pain silent long enough.


I’m not sure it’ll lessen the heartache,

And I know I’ll never be done grieving you.

But I want to try and share some of the good times,

Because my kids deserve to know all about you too.


You were incredibly strong,

And had the biggest, softest, most caring heart of anyone I can recall.

You had a big smile and beautiful blue eyes,

A silly personality & your laugh was contagious to all.


You always found the beauty in things,

And were more real than anyone I knew.

Never pretended to be someone else,

You were always just “you”.


You never cared what others thought,

Oh how I wish I interihated that trait.

To live so carelessly would be so peaceful

Being self conscious is a heavy weight.


You were laid back but also outgoing,

And you were the outdoorsy type of guy,

Camping and fishing were your favorites,

And “cootie coo” was always yelled without being shy.


You loved to drink your beer, it was a secret to none,

Keystone Light or Milwaukee’s Best would do

I remember like it was yesterday,

And I’m sure all the rest do too.


I love remembering all the little things,

Like your peanut butter dunks in middle of the night,

Gilligans Island, Little House on the Prairie and Mash.

You were just a simple man whose love always shined bright.


I’ll never forget you playing turtle creek on your guitar,

While we all sat around and laughed as you sang with a smile.

Gosh, the flashbacks make my heart happy,

I wish I could have you back, even just for a little while.


You truly were one of a kind,

And I wish that everyone got to see.

So I’ll try my best to share the time I got to spend with you,

& I’ll hold on tight to all of the memories you left with me.


Love your baby girl <3


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