Just Me


I’m simple but complicated,

I’m extremely happy but also broken inside,

Im self conscious of myself but I also feel confident,

I’m outgoing and lively, yet sometimes want to hide.


I have a million flaws that are undeniable,

But my heart is huge and my love for others is deep.

I’m the quiet type but also try to be the life of the party,

I’m a grounded person but also not afraid to leap.


I love to listen to my music really loud,

And dance like nobody can see,

As well as sing every lyric to the songs I know

Like nobody can hear me.


I’ can be wild and adventurous,

And I’m “too much” for most people I know,

So I normally hold myself back,

And just imagine the places I could go.


Drives with no destination excite me,

Music up and windows down, anytime of the day,

Someone by my side would be ideal,

But if I had to go alone that would be okay.


Sometimes I may come off as needy,

But i'm just trying to show you how much I care.

It's not that I need you..I want you,

And I just want you to be aware.


I don’t normally open up to anyone emotionally,

So if I do, just hold me tightly and let me cry for a while

Because my heart has a lot of scars,

That I cover up with my big smile.


I am fully aware of how blessed I am,

Yet at times I feel like life is unfair.

I don’t do well with loss,

And I feel like I’ve been dealt more than my share.


I’m a strong woman though,

& I will always pull myself together after I fall apart.

Because It’s never too late too rebuild yourself,

You can always have a fresh start.


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