odd is the poet

  Odd, is the poet


He was the odd boy in the family

in a town that doesn’t rhyme with anything.

He wrote strange words in a notebook

the teacher told him to stop this nonsense

and learn that 2X2 makes four.

Declared he was a poet when eleven.

His mother was shocked at what happens

to my son is turning into a Nancy boy.

He came to England where people are so correct

mowing the front lawn every Saturday in

their Sunday best, their dream was to appear

middle- class.

He came to Portugal, rented a car came to

 the village where people said halloo and how do you do

they have a song in their hearts.

When a Faddist sings she closes her eyes, it is like

she is dreaming of her song of love and sadness,

and that is ok because he is a dreamer too and hopes

his wife will understand his jokes.

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