the vagabond

The Vagabond


He was a wanderer with a knapsack, had walked

the roads from one town to another for 40 years.

He had a house once, but family life didn`t

suit him, strolled out one day and continued

Drifting the way his feet took him.

on his itinerant way, he sometimes got a job

at farms slept in the barn.

He was a good worker and liked by the people

of the land, but one morning he wasn`t there

he was out walking again.

One day he was caught by a blizzard found

an abandoned car found blankets and an overall

in the boot of, sat in the back wrapped up well

and went to sleep.

When he awoke, it was morning, but he could not

get out, snowed in, waiting for someone to take

him out. It took two days before he was found alive

but hungry and thirsty.

A newspaper got hold of the survival and there

was a picture of him in the papers, the woman saw

the picture of him and said: this is my husband!

Before she came and claims him, he disappeared

again wandering the byways.

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<Deleted User> (21291)

Tue 8th Jan 2019 20:59

Some hearts crave to see and be with nature!! The search never ends. 💐

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Alan Travis Braddock

Tue 8th Jan 2019 11:59

Nice one! The final stanza winds it up very well.
I think that sometimes a lot of people think like this - but it doesn't seem to last forever. Society will find you out and try to make you conform, even though you are no threat. Have you read Doris Lessing "The Diary (or is it 'Story') of a Non-marrying Man" ? The thesis is that "....if you can live very simply and don't need for much, you don't have to work and that is a kind of freedom..."

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