the red eyed monster

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the red eyed monSter sits within,

hoping to catch the prey at it's correct timing.

he sure sits and waits and grabs the prey

when it's busy in mundane chores.

like satan he whispers soft words of love and care,

and when you fully trust, it nabs your neck and runs away.


so don't fall a prey to the red eyed monster who sits in ambush.

always be alert of such slaughterers 

who are on a watch out to hold the weakest one.

to over power a weak prey is easy than to hold a strong one.

so be strong to avoid falling a prey,

and if you do get caught by monsters true,

Don't worry but take out your lethal weapon of prayers.


prayers works for you and gives you the strength

to free yourself from the monsters hand.

just be safe and be alert of the satan in human's clothing.

for they are too selfish in their needs and endeavours

and care not about relations and sentiments of others.


the red eyed monster resides within you.

hold, stop, reflect and burn this monster

with true repentance from your lord.

show mercy to those who whether they deserve or not

because you are a kind and gentle soul.

so forgive to maintain your cool

but learn your lessons well and don't be fooled.

for when you are attacked again

the red eyed monster returns to nab you and make you a prey. 

◄ Divine healing

Happy!!! ►


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