Winter rain!!

As the scent of the nocturnal winter rain spread around

Intoxicated by the strong fragrance i ran out to hold by breath

To consume all the lovely, lively fragrances from the garden

Untill a little earthworm slowly crawled to where i was standing

Engrossed in the scent and the lovely winter rain i couldnot see the little creature

Untill it started crawling up my feet onto my legs

In a sudden creepy fright i tried to take it off my legs

All the nocturnal intoxication suddenly overpowered by this tiny creature

Slowly silently as he moved to another place, i was still shaking and trembling

The magic of the winter rain resumed as a drop touched by lip and i felt the kiss

Slowly i was traqullised by the lipsmacking taste of the raindrop

Untill it started to pour heavily and drenched me completely

Shivering and trembling still although this time by the cold breeze that blew

I enjoyed every bit of the drop falling on me and drenching me from bottom to top

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