Sitting by the window on a full moon night

On the farther end of the road in a dimly lighted hut

There was an old lady who lived aloneĀ 

Untill one day she saw a little boy crying by the roadside

She got the orphan child home and looked after him as her own

The boy got a home, food and a loving mother too

Everything was going fine untill one day the old woman died

The little boy was orphaned again this thought made him feel miserable

Suddenly he peeped from the window of the hut as his eyes met mine

I smiled at him and he smiled back at me

Who was more unhappy, he or me. A thought crossed my mind

The strength was not in smiling at eachother with all the troublesĀ 

Rather the strength was in soul that could hold a smile from inner core of the heart

I looked at the hut and realized the strength of the boy who was once orphan and again he was one

Then i looked at the moon that was shining brilliantly at both of us

That is how God does care for all, impartial and loving

Providing his shine to the child in the hut, a beggar by the road and a king in his palace

Who are we to judge the matters that God has the only power to judge

We are only humans so we should remain as such

As i sat by the window looking at the hut

I realized many things every time I looked at the child growing happy and strong by himself

I am no longer lonely as i have a child living in that hut

A strong affection and affiliation is between both of us

Untill one day I be gone, and this little boy be orphaned again

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