If someone hurts you or cheat you

Forgive anyway and learn your lesson


If someone tells lies and constantly lies

Forgive any way and just move


If someone plays with your sentiments and makes a fool of you

Forgive any way and just start your day anew


If someone close and dear to you maltreats you

Forgive anyway and think he has a problem too


If someone is dishonest and always conspire

Forgive anyway but don't get trapped in his next move


Forgiving is easy when we realize we are humans too

As to err is human and to forgive divine, so live a life divine


Look at the brighter side of things and overlook negativities

Forgiveness is a silent tool to build your inner cool


So forgive and foget, but learn your lessons well

For life isn't easy and it' s full of incessant tests



◄ AnDeHu

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