Those who believe for them it is easy to perceive

The hidden truths and realities of life other than ours

For those who do not believe can read the poems

And enjoy the lines and the words woven in magical art


This is a poem about the three different creations

That God almighty has created in the realms seen

And few in the realms unseen, you might wonder how I know

The Holy book the words of God tells us so


ANgels are the creations who are obedient and loyal

Their only purpose is to worship and carry out the orders

They neither have a will of their own nor any choices they make

As is instructed they shall abide for such is the way they were created


The other creation is one we know by varied names

Muslims call them Jinns, Hindus preyt atma, many others call them DEmons

Extra-terrestrials as we all know them to be have been blessed with unlimited power of will

Few worship God almighty, many don’t believe in God and do what they wish to do


Jinns is a creation of God fenced by fears and suspicion

Man has carried out many scientific discoveries and investigations

Few facts are revealed by science confirming the words in Quran inscribed

They have a nature unlike humans but are in many ways similar to humans


Extra-terrestrials as you know them to be, have children and family

Many are good and do well throughout their life until they die

Yes they too are born and die in a way different yet similar like humans

As for their body they are made of smokeless fire with varied features


Now you may wonder why God did create these demons

It’s a long story that can be related in a separate script

To know more about these jinns we have to have unbiased judgement

So that we may understand their true nature and the purpose of their existence


Now we come to US the HUmans, the mighty creation of God almighty

Created for purposes two, the greater being holy and pious the other earthly still holy

We have to serve the God by worshipping and also by taking care of his creations

The limited will provided by God leaves us with the choice to believe or to reject the existence of God


Of the three creations, ANgels, DEmons and HUmans

Angels have no will, demons have unlimited will and humans have limited will

This is how God has created the three for purposes similar yet with different dispositions

Humans made from dust, demons from smokeless fire and angels are created from light

Into the true nature of these creations Hope you have now some insight

◄ Que Sera!!

Forgive ►


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